How to manifest your dreams


My 2021 vision board

What else can you do to manifest your dream life?

  • Practice gratitude (write a gratitude journal every day, simply listing the things you are grateful for)
  • Say daily affirmations to yourself, especially when you look at yourself in the mirror (love on yourself all day every day!)
  • Practice self care (move your body, nourish your body, sleep as much as you need)
  • Find stillness (start a daily meditation practice)
  • Notice the words that come out of your mouth that are judgmental, restrictive, limiting or controlling and label you a particular way (and eliminate them! No more “I can’t/should/have to)
  • Live like your are your Future Self, the highest + best version of yourself already – (do my FREE Future You meditation)
  • Make a vision board (see above) supporting your Future Life so you have a visual that you’re working towards