Breathe to Become

Breathe to Become

My offering is simple:

I work with you 1:1

(Online, in the privacy of your own space.)

I facilitate transformational Breathwork sessions for you, catered to you, created for you.

I hold space for you to work through whatever it is that you’ve been holding onto, that you’re ready to let go of.

We will set intentions and discuss whatever comes up.

This is a space for you to be and express as you need.

There may be particular things you want to discuss but just know that you’re not working with me to follow a plan.

This is not a set program with things you must do week by week.

In our work together, and it will be work, we are going to flow, with as much ease as possible, in the exact directions that the Divine, Source, Buddha, God (whatever language you prefer), will open up for us.

To open up and let go. To become someone. To create something new.

(These are but some of the side effects of transformational Breathwork.)

We will likely discuss how the mind is controlling the way you think, feel, the beliefs you hold and ultimately the things you do and the manifestations you create in your life.

The changes may feel really simple to understand and implement or they may feel monumental, it depends on where you are at.

Regardless, they will impact you. They will transform you from within, rewiring your brain.

You will begin to gain a greater awareness of who you are and how you are being.

What you are thinking, feeling, believing and doing.

You will deepen your connection to self, to your body. 

You will feel more at peace.

You will gain strategies to help you feel grounded and centred.


Over time, you will become a new version of yourself, that person you want to be. 


You will feel more confident, more connected to your body, more intuitive.

Your chakras will become aligned and your energy body will grow in strength.

Your language will transform.

You will adopt habits that serve this new version of you.

You will have more clarity about what you want and who you want to be.

You will trust and believe in yourself more.

You will feel more love and gratitude.

You will manifest greatness, taking aligned action towards the things you want to create. Your dreams will start to become your reality.

Sounds amazing, right!

This is the power of Breathwork which I believe to be one of the fundamental gateways to transformation.

Combined with shifting the mindset, practising how to receive as well as gratitude,

I believe you can accomplish anything you desire.

Other practices will be on offer also, should you choose to adopt them (meditation, visualisation, tremoring and more).

I will support you through these as you journey towards becoming the most incredible, most enlightened version of yourself.

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Some quick details about the package:

Total number of sessions: 8

Duration of each session: 1.5-2 hrs

Frequency of session: Every week

Cost: $1111 AUD paid in full

Payment plan option: 2 monthly payments of $555.55 AUD

You will have access to Bianca via Voxer

For questions you can email me at [email protected]

Or choose a payment option below and book your first session with me today!

I am so excited for you!

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Ready to go now?

You know what you want, you are ready for the support to start now.

You’re ready to step into that highest version of you.

You’re so over waiting and ready to breathe yourself closer to your new life.

You’re ready to do the “work” to allow space to create the change.

Get started now!

Ready to go now but don’t want to pay in full?

I get it. 

Feeling stretched financially can suck.

Everyone should have the access they need to work 1:1 with someone and do the personal growth work they want.

For this payment plan, you only pay 10 cents more.

I hope this option helps you take the action in your life that you’ve been wanting for so long.

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