Finding Freedom Podcast

Welcome to the Finding Freedom Podcast! 

I was sharing so much amazing content with my subscribers and then I thought, why am I limiting this information to those who subscribe to me only? I want more people to hear me speak and see if they resonate with my message!

So I started a podcast.

What’s it all about, you may ask?

Finding Freedom is a podcast for those of you who are seeking more in your life. You may be a complete beginner or you may be well-awakened. No matter where you’re at, you’re looking for ways to feel more free and empowered. This podcast will help you gain freedom from your monkey mind, freedom from the stress and overwhelm, freedom from the need to feel like you’ve got to be and do more.

As a Breathwork Facilitator, mindset coach and eternal seeker, I’ll share my experiences, thoughts and strategies to help you feel calm, to connect to self, to open your heart, feel gratitude, feel empowered and ultimately find true freedom.

So if you’d like to join me on this journey, please click your link of choice below, subscribe to my channel and find true freedom for yourself!

Thank you. I love you.