My Offerings

My Offerings

I work with people online in the following ways…



Breathwork +

This Breathwork package is the most powerful way to work with me…

Why? Because together, we are going to create TRANSFORMATION

The intention is about becoming the highest version of you. 

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Group Online Breathwork For All

Held online monthly, join me for your first or your hundredth breathwork session!

Sometimes they’re general, sometimes they’re themed but always they’re transformational.

Sessions go for approximately 1.5 hours: there’s a short introduction with instructions and then we breathe for around 1 hour. At the end, there is time for sharing which is a beautiful experience for all.

I create a playlist for every session I facilitate and you’ll receive an audio recording of the class.

Come release the built up tension and emotions and bring your body and mind into a place of stillness.

Energy philanthropy is how these sessions operate. This means that you give from your heart, whatever that looks like to you.

So, if you can’t afford to give financially, how else can you give from the heart? That is up to you. All is welcome.

Please note that you don’t have to attend live. All who register receive the audio recording of the practise. So, you can breathe as many times as you like.

Ho'oponopono Inspired Breathwork


(pre-recorded and on demand)

I was inspired to create this program because I saw and felt the power in the ancient Hawaiian prayer that is the Ho’oponopono.

A prayer all about finding balance within yourself, which ultimately leads to freedom.

After practising it for 30 days, I started to notice how much better I felt: lighter, calmer, freer.

I noticed how these phrases created alignment within me.

So, I decided to combine their power with the power of Breathwork, and so this program was born.

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