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Ho'oponopono Inspired Breathwork

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Breathe into the mantra “I’m sorry” while channeling repentance. You’re opening the door to start letting go of things you’ve said, done, been and believed. By starting this purification process, you’re clearing out that which is no longer serving you. This breath practise is an apology to the self and others.

Breathe into the mantra “Please forgive me” to channel forgiveness of self and others. You will continue the process of releasing and letting go without judgment. You are further clearing your field with the intention to open up some beautiful space to allow you to create that which you desire.

Now that you have created some beautiful new space, you are going to breathe into the mantra “Thank you” and channel gratitude for yourself and everything in your life. You are transmuting the energy within you, on a subconscious level, which will impact your thoughts, feelings and beliefs. These changes will shift you into a space to become that which you desire.

In this final instalment, you are going to breathe into the mantra “I love you.” You are, of course, channelling divine love for yourself and your life. By stepping into this divine love, through your breath, you will find the truth and beauty in yourself and your life. You also have the opportunity to rewrite your story and create an epic new future for yourself.

Introduction to the Ho'oponopono Inspired Breathwork

** The Benefits **

Healing through energetic shifts:

As you work your way through this program, you will release and let go of old wounds, trauma and conditioning. Energy that you’ve been struggling to move will shift with consistent practise and intention allowing you to step into a higher version of yourself, without those same old thoughts, feelings, actions and beliefs.

A deeper awareness and connection to self:

While you may not remember what you were holding onto and what you shifted, you will develop a deeper connection to yourself through this 4 week journey.


When you shift energy and release blockages, you naturally open up space to let the new come in. In this program, that will include new thoughts, feelings and beliefs. And just imagine what you could create with a completely new outlook on life!

Brain rewiring: 

Breathwork allows you to go deep into a meditative state, triggering alpha, beta and even gamma brain waves. When in these brain wave states, you become suggestible to information. These tracks contain positive affirmations and guidance that allow you to release the old and literally breathe in the new. 

Peace, love and gratitude: 

When you breathe, you naturally release. These releases create space. This space, when chosen, can be intentionally filled with peace, love, gratitude, joy and so much more. 


Free yourself over this 4 week period as you allow your breath to open you up from the inside out. When you set the intention to change and transform, you will find true freedom in all areas of your life.


** What people have experienced **

"I just did the “I’m Sorry,” breathwork. It was beautiful, the music and the words. I felt so much energy moving out of my solar plexus, heart and throat. And, I saw/felt things rebuilding or recalibrating. Thank you!"


“Every journey was amazing. I felt held and supported to go where ever the breath took me in each session. I felt some resistance in the first session but with gentle guidance I was able to move past this and fully open to the experience. I felt releases in each of my sessions in different areas and different ways. I enjoyed all the experiences equally as each was unique and transformative in it's own way.”


“I have been enjoying the breathwork sessions very much. Bianca has a deep genuine connection to this work and holds a safe and reflective space for me to explore who I am more fully and release and heal what comes to the surface. Super grateful and appreciative to be able to engage so fully even through the online sessions.”


“OMG it’s been like my 4th time now and Bianca's breath work sessions are next level!. They have helped me recalibrate my nervous system, helped me to reconnect with my body in ways I didn’t know were possible, and most of all brought me peace. Bianca has the most open heart, and creates the most beautiful and safe space for people on their breath work journey. Thank you so much Bianca, you are amazing at what you do ❤️.”


“My breathwork journeys were all phenomenal!!! Breathwork enabled me to release some deeply rooted tension and I always felt more relaxed, calmer and lighter afterwards.  Like another weight had lifted after each session.  There was a definite shift in my thoughts and the emotions attached to them.  I felt more empowered to move forward with issues I'd have previously become stuck on and overwhelmed with emotion.”


“I find that every breathwork session has different personal outcomes for me and can bring different emotions to the surface. I always feel very safe in my expression of this because of the beautiful and warm space Bianca holds. I am so grateful to have been lead to Breathwork with Bianca. I could not recommend it enough and am excited to continue on this journey. Thank you Bianca!.”


“Bianca is an excellent and professional facilitator with beautiful and calm voice. I loved every session. I had better sleep after each session. I also find I am more creative after the session and that is the best time to work on some projects. The breath work really improves the connect between the body and the brain and helps me to identify some emotional blockages. I highly recommend her if you would like to explore yourself deeper.”


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