Sunday Breathwork

(8am AEST, online, once a month)

Once a month I will host an online group breathwork session for anyone who wants to experience breathwork for the first time or the 100th time.

These sessions can vary from class to class. Some are similar to holotrophic breathwork, some sessions include breath holds, some will be themed. All will be transformative ūüôā.


The session will be at 8am AEST (Brisbane time) and will go for approximately 1 hour (allow 90 mins).

Check your timezone HERE.


When you book via the link on this page, you are booking for the next available breathwork date.

You CANNOT book for a future class.


Next available sessions:

  • Sunday 10th March
  • Sunday 21st April
  • May and beyond TBA


Upon booking, you will receive an email with a zoom link for session, along with all the necessary information.

Never breathed before? 

Nevermind! I’ll guide you the entire time, there’s no way you can get this wrong.

Energy Philanthropy: Give from the heart

I recently heard about this concept and I have decided to try it out.

I like the autonomy that it gives you, as a participant.


Energy philanthropy is asking you to give from your heart. That means you pay what feels right for you and there is no obligation or expectation to receive funds from anyone who joins.


Everyone is at different stages in their life so if you don’t have the means to give right now, how else could you give?

You could share this link with the people you love.

You could promote me on social media.

You could mention it in conversation.

You could make an exchange with me.

The choice is yours.


I will give this service from my heart to yours, regardless.

I am grateful for any and all contributions.


Typically speaking, Breathwork classes can be anywhere from $25-$65 a class.

Money is not required for you to join, making a donation is up to you but this is a heart centred, energy exchange, whatever that looks and feels like to you.


Thank you for booking and I look forward to breathing with you ‚̧ԳŹ.

*Please review and agree to the waiver before joining this class.

By joining this program, you agree that you have read and agree to the terms and conditions stipulated in the waiver and that you are safe to breathe.

That you do not suffer from any of the following conditions (listed below) and if you do, and still choose to join, you have already consulted with your medical professional as well as informed Bianca from Breathe with Bianca:

schizophrenia, aneurysms, bi-polar, epilepsy, heart conditions, high blood pressure (not controlled with medication), glaucoma, history of strokes or seizures, or pregnancy.

You also agree that should anything change at any point whilst Breathing with Bianca, you will consult a healthcare professional before resuming any Breathwork activity and inform Bianca of the situation.