You matter to me. You are why I do what I do.

Your feedback is also invaluable to me and it assists in my growth as a Facilitator. Therefore, if you could share your experience of our session together, I would be forever grateful.

Thank you in advance x

What people are saying...


I have been enjoying the breathwork sessions very much. Bianca has a deep genuine connection to this work and holds a safe and reflective space for me to explore who I am more fully and release and heal what comes to the surface. Super grateful and appreciative to be able to engage so fully even through the online sessions. Thanks Bianca

Ryan Doughty

The Summit Adventure Park

Thank you so so much for your generosity in giving me space on your group breathwork session. I’m hooked! I left Bianca's breathwork session feeling mentally clearer and calmer. The music and her voice created a safe container where I felt my body was able to let go of tension and I found myself fully surrendering to the experience. It was a great way to start off my day.

Iza Misiuk

Thrive in Shanghai

Bianca is a gifted breathwork facilitator. She held space for a powerful session, allowed me
to feel safe and go where I needed to go. Her voice is calming, nurturing and supportive,
her beautiful guidance was on point, made me feel seen and safe. I experienced an emotional release, and the effects of the session were carried far beyond our time together.


Wellness with Sivan

Wonderful session with Bianca. I had no idea what to expect but was at ease the whole time thans to Bianca. You can definitley see that she knows what she is doing and has such a wonderful demeanor that you immedietly feel at ease. I felt I was in very good hands and really enjoyed the experience. Very much looking forward to my next session!


Leanne Scott

Pure Core Nourishment

Brilliant session. Bianca is already such a wonderful facilitator so early in her journey - you can tell this is truly her passion and she is so perfectly aligned in this role. She has such a calming nature and it flows through in her words and the space she holds.


Bianca is very professional and clearly explained everything I needed to know before we began. I felt Bianca was very present and intuitive throughout the session, and did a great job holding a safe space. The music really resonated with me, different tracks at different stages took me to different places and it all felt very well planned and orchestrated. Not all breathwork facilitators are created equal, and Bianca definitely has the X factor.
I had my first ever breathwork class with Bianca yesterday and it was truly remarkable. Never before have I experienced such a powerful physical and emotional healing session all wrapped up in one. Bianca created and held a safe, comfortable and nurturing space for everyone in the class to have their own unique experience. This is a powerful modality that I am intrigued and excited by, keen to explore how much it can support my personal growth and healing.

Libby Davidson

Nourished Vitality

Christine OÇonnor

I experienced my first breathwork session with Bianca today. What an amazing experience, and to think I tried to talk myself out of it! Bianca's facilitation was beautiful; her voice gentle and soothing, her instruction clear and easy to follow and her encouragement most welcome. The tempo of each piece of music chosen was perfect. Even though I had unwanted distractions during the session which disturbed my focus, and nothing dramatic resulted, I was, and still am, in an extremely relaxed state. Bianca’s pre and post communication and caring was also much appreciated. I will be back and will be spreading the word. Thank you Bianca xx
I absolutely loved the session as a newbie to breath work. Bianca is a great facilitator,
has a beautiful voice to guide you through the session. It was a very powerful session, will definitely come back for more. Thank you so much Bianca


Ko Functional Nutrition

Elizabeth Zanetti

I recently attended a group Breathwork session with Bianca and immediately felt comfortable and secure with her. I found the meditation to be simple yet extremely profound and I felt relaxed and energised after the session. The breathwork technique used helped peel away a layer and I am aware that I need more group sessions with Bianca, then some 1:1 to dig deeper.
What an incredible experience being guided by Bianca through breathwork! From the very start of communication I could tell she was a very caring, nurturing soul. I highly recommend contacting Bianca to explore what breathwork can do for your health.

Laura Dudley

Essential Healing & Health

Bianca creates a safe and supportive space to explore breath work. It doesn’t matter
where you are on your own journey or how experienced you are with breath work, Bianca’s breath work sessions will meet you where you’re at and help you surface and process anything you are ready to work on. The session today reminded me that breath work is such an important aspect of any healing journey, I’ll definitely be back for for more! X


Inspire - Functional Nutrition