Affirmations 101

An Affirmation is a phrase you choose to repeat to yourself on a daily basis.

This phrase is full of power, it is uplifting and positive.

The intention behind an affirmation is to fully embody the words spoken. Ultimately, it is to become a person who speaks these words and believes these words to be true for you.


People usually start affirmations when they notice how negative their inner chatter has become.

They become aware that this way of talking to oneself is quite damaging and a decision is made to transform this behaviour.

Affirmations are a great way to start the journey to changing one’s thoughts and feelings.


But HOW do you actually start an affirmation practice? What does it involve?


1. Identify the language you are currently using when you speak
about yourself and your life.

If the words you speak are negative or self-deprecating in any way, and you’ve become sick and tired of how it feels to constantly put yourself down, then you’re at exactly the right point to transition and begin using affirmations.



A little side note…

A reminder to have compassion for yourself ❤️.

You’ve likely spent many many years telling yourself you’re not good enough, worthy enough, intelligent enough, beautiful enough, independent enough, brave enough and the list goes on…

In this case, your body and mind are VERY used to this way of talking to yourself and any attempt to change this may create discomfort and a resistance to change.

When you say your affirmations, your head may tell you over and over

“What are you talking about?! You are not smart/beautiful/loveable/fun/brave” etc etc

Know that this is normal and that your mind is just trying to protect you from the danger associated with change and the unknown.

But do not accept what your mind has to say because

you are these beautiful things,

you can change your thoughts and you deserve to feel this way about yourself!

So if you hit a road bump, just keep going!


OK, back to the HOW…


2. Write down all the thoughts you WANT to have about yourself.


“I am worthy”

“I am loveable”

“I am intelligent”

“My body is beautiful”

“I love myself exactly as I am”



Another little side note…

Affirmations can be simple like the ones above but they can also be really specific,

especially if you have a goal in mind.

Take a look at the examples below.


“10kgs falls effortlessly off me and I feel lighter and more energetic!”

“I love practising the guitar every day. I pick up the chords so quickly!”

“I love sleeping early. I wake up feeling rested and ready to start the day!”

“My digestion functions perfectly.”

“I love the way I feel when I consume x.”

“I am an organised person and I easily achieve everything I set out to do.”

“I have lots of money in the bank!”


Ultimately, you can create any affirmations that work for you. 


I like to use both the affirmations that are about myself and my worth,

as well as having some that are more specific to my goals.

But most importantly, create them and get started!


3. Say them as often as you can, at least once a day.

Don’t stop saying them, ever!

This is not a one time thing where you say some nice things about yourself for like, a 30 day challenge, and then stop when you’ve accomplished your goal.

This positive language is to become your new normal as this is how you rewire your brain.


You may, however, change your affirmations:

Let’s say you reach your goal, then you will likely move onto the next affirmation that you’re saying to create the next exciting thing in your life.

But when it comes to affirmations about your worth, these you will continue to say and feel for as long as you live.


4. When you say your affirmations, make sure you also FEEL them and even visualise yourself as that person who truly believes and has reached the goal.

This is the key difference when it comes to rewiring the brain

(compared to just speaking out affirmations on a daily basis).


Can you actually see and feel yourself as that future self who believes in your worth?

How would that future you walk and talk?

What would she do on a daily basis (definitely affirmations 😁)?


This part is the second vital step so be sure to include this in your affirmations.

This means that when you say your affirmations each day, you will need to be truly present to the words to be able to feel them in your heart

(why looking in the mirror is a good way to do them. I love this dad who is teaching his daughter affirmations).


Therefore, it’s not wise to do your affirmations while you’re texting or scrolling or doing anything that prevents you from focusing on the words. 

It is important that you place your attention on the words, possibly even place a hand on your heart, close your eyes if that helps you to go within, say the words, visualise yourself as that person who is worthy and feel it in your heart.


Some ways you can do your affirmations:

* Write them down/journal about them

* Put them on “post its” around your house

* Set them as notifications on your phone

* Say them to yourself aloud or while you look in the mirror

* Sit in meditation and close your eyes. Think and feel these affirmations when in meditation or as you breathe

* Smile when you say them or move your body in a way that creates energy in your body


Work out what feels best for you, that is sustainable and go forward believing that you can adopt this practice.


How to create great affirmations…


* Use present tense (not past or future). For example: “I am abundant!” (not I will be abundant)

* Use positive words so the brain understands

For example, if you want to feel more brave, you could say: 

“I am confident and brave.”

(Rather than saying: “I am not afraid” or “Nothing scares me.”)

* If possible, keep them to one sentence

* Be as specific as you can

* Use words that evoke an emotional response in you

* Create a visual and a feeling that you connect to your affirmation


Ok, so go forth and create yourself some incredible affirmations!

Create new phrases that have you feeling excited for life, joyful, playful, strong, kind, compassionate, loving and much more.



One final side note…

Be aware that saying words and invoking feelings can lead you to get emotional,

especially if you’re saying something and you’re struggling to believe it.


When I first started telling myself in the mirror that I love myself, I used to get emotional quite a bit and occasionally cry.

I really struggled to create a truthful experience for myself.

But I believe saying this affirmation helped me to release this and with each passing day, it became easier to say these words to myself. I’m forever grateful I persisted with affirmations, especially this one, because now I can say them, feel them and mean them and my life is so much better for that.

And you deserve this for you too!


And finally, don’t be afraid to dream big! No affirmation is too special or big.

You are worthy of saying that you are worthy and that you want something seemingly out of reach.

Be worthy to fly first class.

Be worthy to meet the love of your life.

Be worthy of extreme wealth.


Thank you for taking the time to read this post to completion.


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Sending you so much love and the greatest affirmation journey ever ❤️.

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