Taking Action

Taking Action

Last week we talked about making decisions. If you didn’t read it, you can see it here.

This week, we’re looking at the second step:

Taking action

Now while these things seem easy and straightforward, like they should be no-brainers when it comes to life, I still encourage you to reflect on how you are doing in this area of your life right now:


How do you feel about your ability to make decisions? 

How challenging is it for you to take action on a decision you made? 

Do you change your mind a lot, second guess yourself, stop yourself before doing something you feel you want to do?

 Do you judge yourself for taking action if it doesn’t produce the desired outcome?


It can often feel easy to think about the decisions and actions you want to take but if fear drops into your mind, it can have unwanted effects and procrastination or “freezing” can set in.


Come back to these questions later and let’s discuss taking action in more detail below.


Know that you can learn to trust yourself so just keep putting one foot in front of the other until you get where you want to go.


You’ve got this!


Are you an action taker or an action avoider? 


Last week we talked about decisions (the WHAT), so the HOW is the Action and that is your next step.


Today is your reminder to

Take Action.

Imperfect action.


This is all about doing the thing you decided you wanted to do.


Buy the car. Wear the clothes. Ask the person out, go on the date.

Buy the ticket, go to that dream destination.

Take the Action!


The Action or the HOW can be achieved in a number of ways and I think both should be implemented:

You do the thing/s (changing matter in the 3D)

And you manifest the thing/s (changing energy in the quantum field, the 5D).


You’ve decided you want something, now it has to come into your life.


That car you want… it’ll come to you, trust this.

It’ll pop up in your feed, you’ll see it for sale on the street or someone will mention it to you.

But, regardless of how it comes to you,

let the universe know that it’s what you want.


Tell people. Speak it out. Write it down. Think about it. Make it known.

Take the Action! Until you create the HOW.

I promise you that taking action will create clarity in your life.

You’ll then have the experience and will be able to evaluate your actions

(we’ll discuss evaluations next time.)


One caveat to Taking Action:

You’ve got to check in with your beliefs.


Do you believe in yourself?

Do you believe that you’re worthy of that thing you want?

If not, you’ve got to work on changing those beliefs.


Becoming aware of your thoughts is how you do this,

along with slowing the brain down, calming the nervous system

(I can help you with this, click button below to chat more).


Remember how I was talking about making decisions,

that this is an area I personally can get stuck on sometimes?

Well, taking action is another one that people get stuck on too!


I think this is because it’s like a series of smaller decisions and this can be challenging when the action feels like it could change your life or test you in some way, putting you in a position where failure is possible…

and who wants to fail, am I right?!


But regardless of WHY we get stuck, think about this for a second:

If you’re not creating your life by taking action, then who is?


Don’t sit idly by and let your world be created for you because you don’t take any action at all.


And when you’re stressing out about what it will mean if you take the action,

tell your brain to cool it for a minute.


Take a few breaths and think realistically about the situation, then you might just realise that

what your brain is telling you is inaccurate and that there’s likely very little, if any, evidence for any of it.

(If you haven’t seen my post on journaling, go check that one out here and get started today.)


And if you haven’t started a breathwork or meditation practice yet? Why not?!

What else have you got to do that’s more important than feeling amazing and creating your life?


Start with 5 minutes every morning and 5 minutes before bed.

Just do a search on youtube for “morning meditation” or “evening meditation” and you’ll find something to help you slow down and get centred.


Your final (and best 😉) option is to have a chat with me

and I’ll tell you more about how I can guide you through this process.


Have a wonderful day full of taking action in your life today.

Oh and don’t forget to go back up to the top of this post and reflect on those questions I posed.

Much love ❤️,

P.S.Want to learn how to take more action in your life? Click below and let’s chat about how YOU make that possible for YOU.

P.P.S. Know someone who wants to take action but struggles? Please tell them about me and forward this post to them and change their life forever.

Thank you x


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