Your mind is a metronome

Your Mind Is a Metronome

Have you ever seen a metronome? (👆🏻)


It’s one of those things that has a hand like a clock and when you flick it, it starts ticking side to side producing an audible tick, tick, tick, tick as it moves from left to right.


Your mind is like many metronomes lined up one after the other, tick, tick, ticking away as your thoughts move all around your mind.


When you’re in a stressful state, or feeling overwhelmed, your brain is either in beta or high beta (brain waves). Your thoughts are many, maybe even too many. These brain waves are out of sync, incoherent, like a child using 5 different colours, scribbling on a piece of paper.


So imagine 32 metronomes (4 rows of 8) all moving from left to right, at their own time, to their own beat, ticking ticking ticking.


This is your brain when it’s go, go, going. Thoughts here, thoughts there. Things to do, people to see, tasks to accomplish.


Tick, tick, tick. A brain wave frenzy.


You become aware of your state. You realise the need for calm, for synchronicity.


You sit down and you start to breathe. You close your eyes and move into alpha brainwaves. You feel calmer, your focus is on your inner world.


At first, your brain may be finding it difficult to settle down, to still, to feel calm. The tick, tick, ticking of your thoughts is non-stop.


You continue to breathe and with a little time, slow everything right down.


Tick, tick, tick, tick.


You place your attention on a part of your body, like your chest, your heart centre.


Your brain is still active, but your thoughts are coming down in intensity.


Whilst the ticking doesn’t lessen, the metronomes (your brain waves) are starting to sync up so whilst there is plenty of activity, there is much less noise.


You move your attention to feel the space your chest takes up, inside your body.


One by one, more of the metronomes sync up.


You’re feeling calmer and much more settled.


You then place your awareness outside of you, in the space around you.


You feel your attention pulled away but you keep bringing it back to the present moment.


All but one metronome is synced up. This extra tick (thought) is pulling your focus but you keep calm, you know you can get there.


You stay in this space and finally, when you let go of controlling your thoughts and just focus on the space, you suddenly find that the metronomes are all moving to the same time.


Your brain is in theta.

(Go real deep and you may even find yourself in gamma!)


The child that was scribbling suddenly learned how to draw the perfect rainbow, all five colours lined up.


This is the power of meditation and breathwork.


This is why I do it. To find this synchronicity, this coherence in my brain and with my body, and my heart.


And once you experience it, and then re-experience what it’s like to have a mind that is out of sync, you quickly learn that it is a practise that is worth making time for every day.


And then once you discover that you can experience another world by closing your eyes and breathing, well my friend, I promise you’ll be hooked.


Once you know what’s possible, there’s no going back.


You want to feel that everyday.


So let me help you get there.


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And for those of you interested, here is a video of 32 metronomes doing their thing. Watch it until the end and then read my email again, it might make more sense.

To your brain waves feeling as synced as possible.

Much love ❤️,

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Thank you x

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