The Beliefs we Hold

The Beliefs we Hold

Your thoughts and your beliefs matter


If you think about it, they really are everything

(pun intended 😉).


Deep down, you know that you create your reality with them. 


Your thoughts send out the signal and the emotions magnetise the experience to you.


Want that car?

Dream of what it is like to sit in that car and drive around town and then one day, you suddently find yourself driving around in that car.


Want a relationship?

Dream of being in the arms of that person who loves you for you and suddenly you meet someone and they become that person.


Want that job?

Dream of how it feels to be wearing a suit, commuting to the location, having a desk that is yours, or helping clients get results they desire or whatever it is you dream of doing and one day, that’s what you’ll be doing. 


You don’t really have a choice as to whether you create or not.


You are a human and humans are creators.


By writing this email, I’m creating change.


By you going to work today, you’re creating change.


By learning something new, you’re creating a new experience with new outcomes.


It’s unavoidable to create.


But what you do have a choice about is what you choose to create.


And what you choose to create is aligned with your beliefs.


understanding your beliefs and aligning them with what you want to create is KEY.


Because, as I said at the beginning of this email, your beliefs matter…

(remember these are just a bunch of thoughts you had based on an experience where you felt something deeply and that led you to form that belief).



So what beliefs do you hold? 

(about yourself and your life)


 You created your beliefs. You essentially made them up.

 And if you didn’t make them up, then you allowed yourself to take on the beliefs of someone else.


There is no judgment in any of this.


It’s what naturally happens; kids absorb what they’re taught from their parents, their teachers, their close friends and things that happen to them in their environment.


So let’s take a look at some common beliefs, some of which you may hold yourself…


I did this exercise myself. It was eye opening.


Many of these beliefs I used to believe.

A few of them I still believe.

Some of them I think I don’t believe anymore but it’s possible that I may still subconsciously believe them.

And several of them I no longer believe.

I never have enough time.


Life is hard and no one cares.


I have to work hard to be a success/make a lot of money.


Some “one” has to make me happy.


My race/culture is superior.


When I own (insert what you want), then I’ll be happy.


I’m a shy person.


Germs make me sick.


God is outside of me.


I’m bad and God doesn’t love me.


Women are less than men.

(I mentioned this in last week’s email, read that here).


It is hard to change or create a new reality.


Life is no fun.


My pain is normal – it will never go away.


Things never go my way.


I’m a lot like my parents (or mum or dad).


I’m just not a lucky person.


Nothing good ever happens to me.


I’m not smart/creative.


I gain weight easily.


I need 8 hours of sleep.


I can’t find a man/woman.


My biological clock is ticking.


I’m short tempered.


Beauty looks like (insert whatever the media has convinced you is currently beautiful).


So, how many of the above 👆🏻 beliefs do you currently hold?


And how could holding these beliefs be keeping you small?

Allowing you to keep playing the victim?

And seeing you continuously create situations in your life that aren’t full of abundance in all of the ways?


Do you think if you hold the belief that you need 8 hours sleep

(this was me until recently),

then you’ll be tired if you get anything less?


You bet your ass you will!


Women today are often told that at around age 35, their biological clock is ticking and that they should have a baby or freeze their eggs before it’s too late… or that it’s dangerous to have babies at an older age… or that they’ve entered peri menopause simply because they hit a number.

Yet we have an abundance of evidence to prove that older women can have healthy babies and healthy pregnancies.


“I gain weight easily.”

Believe it and you will.


And what do you think happens to people who believe that nothing good ever happens to them?

They look for the worst in every situation and keep attracting all the “bad” stuff.


I could go on.


You may be feeling triggered by some of these statements, and if so that’s really ok.

I get it.

We can often feel like our beliefs make us who we are and if they’re not true, then

who are you

and how do you live a life where you don’t gain weight easily and you meet the perfect person easily and life is abundant and gives you everything you ask for?


But think about it…


How would your life change if you could change just one of the beliefs you currently hold?

What possibility could open up for you?

I’m sure you’re feeling excited just thinking about it!


Here’s what I want you to do.

I want you to make a list of all the beliefs you hold about yourself and your life.

Then underneath that, I want you to write out the new belief that you want to choose to believe.


For example:

Belief: Some “one” has to make me happy.

New belief: I am the source of my happiness.


Write them all out, fill up pages of new beliefs you want to have.


Then, start to create an image in your head and a feeling in your heart around this new belief.


Sit in a quiet place, breathe slowly and deeply and just hold that thought and that feeling in your mind and heart.


Feel gratitude for this new belief. Feel gratitude that it is a part of you.


Do this regularly enough, daily is best, and as the energy inside you starts to shift, you will start to see things physically shift in your life too.

Another really powerful way to move energy and shift old beliefs is by doing Breathwork and Mindset work, with me.


This is what I do and this is what I love to help others do too.


Change thoughts, shift beliefs, liberate energy in the body and open up to what’s possible.


Because the more we all can create our dreams, the less suffering there will be and the better this world will be.


I know you want more for your life.

I know you want to change your beliefs.

I know you want to feel magnetic and create abundance for yourself so that you can give back to the world in ways you’d never imagined, creating change for others also and improving the state of this planet.


Can you believe, like I believe, that all of this is possible?


Join me and let’s get started on your transformation today!


Click the button below for a free discovery call where we can talk about what’s possible for you.

To your new beliefs ❤️,


P.S. Believe that anything is possible, starting today.

P.P.S. Know someone who wants to change their beliefs but isn’t sure how? Please tell them about me or forward this email to them and change their life forever.

Thank you x

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