SUFY Part 8: THINK like you LOVE yourself

Today is the day for you to truly show up for yourself.

THINK like you LOVE yourself!

This is the final piece in the 

“Show Up For Yourself” Series.

I hope you have enjoyed it thus far.

I find that it can be helpful to review these things on a regular basis until they become a part of your life, so feel free to bookmark this post and come back to it when you need a little check up or reminder ❤️.

Because if you consistently SHOW UP FOR YOURSELF, on a daily basis, in all of the ways, you will, I promise, 100% guaranteed, become a new person and have a new life.

But this final piece, THINKING like you LOVE yourself is a HUGE piece of the puzzle.

When I was first aware of my desire to change my life, I started with the one thing that I felt was easy for me to control: my diet.

I started here because of two reasons:

  1. It felt the easiest to change because it involved me literally putting different food in my mouth that wasn’t skittles and donuts and 4 double espressos (yep, there was a time when Bianca was a full processed food eating adult).
  2. I hadn’t quite evolved in my spiritual beliefs and knowledge. Talk to the Bianca of 2013 about chakras, energy healing or the belief that the mind can alter our DNA, healing the body from the inside out from ALL disease, I would have told you that is impossible (is there a piece of you who doubts that still? 🤔)

It makes sense to me now, 8 years later, why I wasn’t able to shift a lot of the problems going on in my body. My thoughts and beliefs were up sh*t creek (they were a little on the nose, pun intended).

And given that thoughts, beliefs, actions and subsequently feelings create your reality, it makes sense why things took their sweet time to improve (and this part of the journey has only just begun for me. I can’t WAIT to see where it goes!)

You’ve got to LOVE the journey of life, don’t you!

We truly are only ready when we are ready.

So what is THINKING like you LOVE yourself all about?

I’ve already touched on it above and you probably have heard a lot about the power of the mind, but our thoughts really do create our reality.

Our mind is the pathway to manifestation.

You’ve probably heard loads about manifestation, right?

It’s the ability to create a situation you desire with your mind, to conjure it up out of thin air because you wanted it to be in your life.

Maybe you want love and you manifest the perfect partner.

Maybe you want a new job and you manifest the perfect job interview.

Maybe you want more money, and money someone pops up in your bank account.

Maybe you want better health, so you manifest a strong, healthy body, your disease or health problems disappear.

And so much more!

But if your thoughts create your reality, what happens when your thoughts are negative, put you down constantly, create exceedingly high expectations, and are unkind or even hateful towards yourself?

And what happens when these thoughts play on repeat day in and day out. While you are awake and when you are asleep?

And then what happens when you speak those words out loud over and over again?You put yourself down in front of other people, you use words like “can’t/should/have to/must” when you talk about your choices in life…

And then what happens to your body when you say and think these words over and over. What emotions are evoked within you?

Probably all the undesirable ones, right?

Now what do you think happens to your manifestations when this is the way you think and feel?

You wanted love, so you manifested someone who treats you like sh*t (just how you treat yourself).

You wanted a new job, so you manifested something that doesn’t allow you to feel fulfilled or allow you to grow deeply, giving you loads of opportunities and free time and money.

OR, you just didn’t manifest one at all and stayed at the job you felt you deserved.

You wanted more moneythat likely didn’t come and maybe you got poorer.

You wanted better health but instead you got sicker or started getting other weird symptoms.

Can you see how your thoughts, beliefs and feelings matter when it comes to your life and the quality of it?!
So how do you become the person who manifests your dreams and desires?
You’re someone who THINKS (and speaks) like they LOVE themselves when…
  • You love yourself and you tell yourself every day.
  • You value yourself, your time and your needs.
  • You have boundaries that you set and honour.
  • You think highly of yourself.
  • You think you are worthy of love and a good job and plenty of money and incredible health and you desire those things for yourself, you believe they are coming to you.
  • You love your body, every inch of imperfection.
  • You feel grateful for your life, your opportunities, the people around you, all the good, bad and ugly (the stuff you can’t control).
And then this is where things get exciting…
  • Your thoughts create actions that allow you to smile every day, laugh and play often, do the things that light you up.
  • Your thoughts create emotions and each day, you feel happy, grateful, joyful, at peace, love, appreciation, compassion and kindness.
  • Your repetitive loving and grateful thoughts rewire your brain and it becomes normal for you to think in this way, to speak these loving words, and your beliefs shift completely.
  • And then you manifest your dream life.
So, I bet you’re thinking right now that this seems amazing but also seems freakishly hard??
How do you THINK like you LOVE yourself?

It’s not actually as hard as you think to take action on this one. to change the way you think.

But you’ve got to be consistent. I’m talking all day, every day.

You’ve got to fake it until you make it.

You’ve got to want to change enough to commit to it and this will come when you are so fed up with the way things are in your life that you desperately want them to change.

You have to go from victim, believing that everything in your life happens TO YOU. To TAKING RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR LIFE and believing that everything happens FOR YOU! (Because it does my friend).


(Do you get why it’s called the “Show Up For Yourself” Series now?!)

You have to believe that the Universe, or God (however you feel comfortable labelling it), some higher, divine force, wants you to HAVE IT ALL!

Every single person on this planet deserves to have it all. Including me and including you.

So what can you do to start THINKING like you LOVE yourself?
  1. Become aware of all the thoughts you are having, the beliefs you hold onto for dear life and as a result, the emotions you feel and the actions you take.
  2. Become aware of all the words you are speaking. How often do you say that you have no choice in life? That you CAN’T/MUST/SHOULD/HAVE TO do something.
  3. Become aware of all the times you get triggered by someone and you can’t stop thinking about something someone said or did.
  4. Become aware of all the times you feel sorry for yourself, blame someone else or gossip about other people and judge them.
  5. Become aware of the emotions you regularly feel and make a note of them.
  6. Journal. Let yourself unleash your thoughts onto the paper every day. Then go through your words with a fine tooth comb and identify the thoughts, beliefs, actions and emotions within your words. (It’s EYE-OPENING!)
  7. Create affirmations for yourself and start to say them daily (until you believe them).
  8. Change your thoughts and words from negative to positive bit by bit. You can start by looking at yourself in the mirror and telling yourself that you like and/or love yourself (yep, fake it until you make it).
  9. Meditate daily (guided meditations that include affirmations and positive talk are excellent for this).
  10. Join my Breathwork membership where we have the opportunity to breathe through all the sh*t, become super connected (which means aware) and also discuss and work on growing from the challenges of life.
  11. Don’t hate on yourself when you feel triggered or have negative or judgemental thoughts – it’s all part of the journey, just become aware first.

You’ll notice that there’s a lot of becoming aware. Awareness really is the first step to healing which then allows the transformation to occur.

Then we start to slowly implement changes. The speed and frequency depends on you but as mentioned, you have to be consistent. These practices have to happen daily in order for them to become part of who you are.

Because that is exactly what will happen.
You will transform your mind which will allow you to be your truest self.
You will literally shed the old version of you, the one who always talked smack about yourself and your life.
And then, you’ll become someone completely new.
It may happen in small stages or you may practice these things every day for a year and then one day you wake up and you are suddenly different.
The journey is unique to us all.
How does that sound?
Do you think you’re ready to give this awareness shiz a shot and start changing the way you think and speak?!
Say it with me!

“Today I am going to THINK like I LOVE myself! “

And then just watch the magic unfold. You will resolve your triggers with family members, you will feel a million bucks (and believe you deserve a million bucks too!), you will be moving, eating, drinking, sleeping, playing, resting and THINKING like you LOVE yourself!

I’m so excited for you!

(Feel free to share your experience or wisdom in the comments below.)


Much love and lots of awareness and kind words to you this week ❤️,

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