Less stress, more breath

Less stress, more breath

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When stress becomes too much…

you’ve got to breathe.

I’m back at this topic again because I truly believe we are a world afflicted by stress and I have some of the most epic tools to help people navigate their way out of it.


Stress plagues us all.

There are very few humans out there who don’t experience stress on a regular basis and as a result, we now have a myriad of mental health and stress-related health conditions.


We’re born into a world of polarity, conditions, expectations and survival, so naturally, theres a high likelihood of stress

(and anxiety, depression, tension, pressure, worry, concern etc).


I sometimes feel like being a human is all about figuring out how to manage stress

(although it’s not… but that’s for another post).


I feel this way because that’s often why people come to work with me:

they feel overwhelmed with life, the stress has built up and they need a way to release it.


They’ve often tried everything else but nothing else has helped,

(especially not talking/talk therapy).


Do you resonate?


In addition, most of us weren’t taught how to manage or express stress.

In fact, many of us grew up seeing people around us stressed: our parents, our relatives, our teachers, our friends, our neighbours…

Most people were, and still are, playing the game of survival.


Stress is such a part of our culture that we even have expressions to describe how stressed out we are:

  • Running on empty
  • Running around like a headless chook
  • Having a lot on your plate
  • Pulling your hair out
  • Something is driving you crazy/getting on your nerves/ruffling your feathers
  • Being up to your ears/having it up to here
  • Snapping someone’s head off
  • When your head’s about to explode

(Can you tell I’m an ex English teacher?! 😂)


Then, as kids, we got told to be quiet and to behave, to not cause trouble, create noise, be silly and so much more that sent us all messages that being ourselves wasn’t ok.


That feeling and expressing wasn’t permitted

(because all the stressed out adults around us couldn’t handle kids being kids…and if you’re a parent, you now get to have this experience first hand).


But I’m not here to blame anyone. It is no-one’s fault. As you know, it’s part of the system we’re in.

Every single one of us grew up with stress of some description around us or happening directly to us. Most of us also suffered some kind of trauma too.


You may, of course, want to blame someone… believe me, I definitely let my parents know that I thought they screwed me up… (sorry folks!)


And so, if we spend a lot of time experiencing stress, we usually experience effects to our bodies: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, energetic, all of them.


But once we become adults, it’s our responsibility to do a couple of things:

1. Learn how to manage (and dare I say it, eliminate) stress

2. Learn how to release the stress, tension and trauma we’re holding onto

(which is likely to be years of stored tension and trauma, possibly even lifetimes if you believe in reincarnation).


So if you’re reading this email, know that there is a way out.


Know that you can choose to no longer allow stress to rule over you (even when stressful events are occurring around and to you) .


And most importantly, that you can take the steps to release all of that energy that you’ve likely been holding onto for years and years.


And I’m here for you.

(cause I’m all about holding a safe space for you to let go of it all…)


Bit by bit, we will peel back the layers with each and every 1:1 session.


So when you decide that it’s time to do the work, I’ll be here for you.


But first, I’d like you to grab your journal and write down the answers to the following questions…

Where does stress show up for you?

How often do you find yourself in a state of stress?

How capable are you of regulating your stress levels?

(That is, how quickly do you go from being calm to being stressed Or, being stressed to being calm?)

And most importantly, how much longer do you want to live this way?


I hope the answer to that final question was NO MORE!

Because life is too short to be living in a constant state of stress!

When someone does a Breathwork session with me, and chooses to trust and let go, I can see the shift in them immediately.

I can see their light shining a little brighter.


You deserve to shine brighter.

(However it is you get there, remember that.)


To learn more about what it involves working 1:1 with me, click the button below 👇🏻 and book a free discovery call with me.

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I have an announcement!

Monique from Ardour Wellness and I are excited to be running another event coming very soon.

Our NYE event was such a hit that we’ve decided to do a similar one, this time slightly shorter in length and during the day.

We’ll be at Janus Health Hub in Shepparton on Sunday 19th February from 11-3pm.

The title of the workshop is:


So that’s what we’ll be doing in this workshop, giving you space to reflect on, plan and create your dream life.

Click the button below 👇🏻 to learn more and sign up for the day.


Come and join a group of like-minded people and create your future today!

We hope to see you there!

Sending love and a sea full of calm to you ❤️,

P.S. I know you’ve got this.

P.P.S. Know someone who wants to reduce their stress/anxiety/depression? Please tell them about me or forward this post to them and change their life forever.

Thank you x

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