The Power of your Heart

The Power of Your Heart

The heart is the most powerful centre in your body…


Do you tune into it?

Are you aware of it’s power?


I was listening to Dr Joe Dispenza tell a story the other day (you’ll hear me talk often about him because I’m very much into the work that he does).


Dr Joe is a man of heart.


So in the story, he was describing how someone who was doing his breath practice in the car on the way to the airport (only when stopped at the traffic lights), had a super cool experience when going through security.


Please note, doing breathwork in the car is NEVER advised.

Breathwork should be done seated and in a safe place where you aren’t operating machinery, a vehicle or in water etc… but the story is pretty epic so I’ll continue…


So this man arrived at the airport, went through security and got pulled up. They were trying to figure out why on the monitor a huge beam of light was coming out the top of his head! (He showed it to the man as he’d not seen it before).


The energy from his breath practice was literally radiating out the top of his head.

(He had created a torus field around his body. This means that energy will emanate from the top of the head and orbit the body. Hands down this guy was feeling amazing!)


So when Dr Joe learned about this, he decided to try the experiment himself, but instead, using his heart.


Just before going through security, he placed all his attention on his heart centre and generated the feeling of love in his body (he would have also been feeling amazing).


As he went through, Dr Joe was stopped as asked if he was wearing a big medallion around his neck.

Dr Joe laughed and asked “Are you asking if I’m wearing bling?!”

The security guard turned and pointed to the monitor. At Dr Joe’s heart centre, the most powerful centre of the body, was this big round ball of light!


Incredible story hey!!


Apparently this happens a lot with people who meditate and breathe…

I’m going to test this theory in March when I take a plane for the first time since I developed a daily meditation and breath practice (stay tuned for that!)


So apart from this being a cool story, why did I tell you this and what does it have to do with love?


Like Dr Joe,

You are capable of generating, within you, all the love you’ll ever need.


Please don’t confuse this love for the love we get from family and friends. It is a beautiful gift that someone else gives us their love.


The difference is whether we believe the love we receive from others to be the only source of love, the only love we rely on.


This is quite reckless and actually very unloving to ourselves to rely on the love of someone else to make us feel whole.


Because on the days when we’re feeling down, or when those people aren’t around, who’s going to give you the love you need?


You’ve got to take responsibility for this.

You’ve got to generate this love from within.


It is so common for us to look outside of ourselves for external validation…

* impressing your boss

* looking hot for your boyfriend/girlfriend

* saying the things you think people want to hear so they like you

* doing something you feel is wrong because you think it’s what people want/expect

* doing something to be seen as the fun/easygoing friend

* agreeing for approval

* not having boundaries to avoid confrontation

* being the “nice” girl (or guy)


Then there are the things we do to feel better about ourselves, numb or suppress our feelings, or to feel something else.

We have been conditioned to believe that taking a particular action will make us feel better (or let something go) and love ourselves more… but often these things are just a way to avoid our feelings.


For example: 

* dying or cutting your hair to feel better about yourself

* using alcohol or drugs to numb your feelings

 * overeating to cover up what’s coming up inside you

* spending lots of money on meaningless things to feel something

* thinking your worth is dependent on your job, your status, your bank balance, the car you drive, the house you own, the person you date, your instagram profile etc


How many of these examples can you relate to?

What are the ways in which you’ve tried to prove to yourself that you are worthy of love, compassion, appreciation and respect via an external source?

I’m pretty sure I’ve done them all!


So let’s get technical and talk for a minute about why this happens?

Somewhere along the way, probably some time during your formative years (ages 0-7), you formed a lot of beliefs…some of them about yourself and your worth.


You thought some thoughts because of something that was happening in your environment.


These thoughts generated a feeling (maybe more than one).


This feeling was so powerful that it left an impression on you.


You connected the thing that happened to this feeling and it imprinted on you and formed a memory.


Over the years, you continued to think these same thoughts, over and over which generated those same feelings, over and over.


You created an identity around that belief. You truly locked it down and embodied that belief.


Because of these beliefs, you behaved a certain way, did certain things over and over again.


As you reinforced these beliefs, you created your perceptions.


You were slowly, but surely, conditioning your body to be your mind.


You may not even be aware of some of the beliefs and perceptions you have.


They run behind the scenes like a computer program.


In 2020, I became really aware of one major program I was running: the one about my worth.


I reached a point where I said to myself “this has to stop!”


The programs that I was unconsciously running were too many and my system had been slowly crashing for years. I was spending so much energy being an inauthentic version of myself.


I noticed how all this spent energy was affecting my health (I thought all I needed to do was change my diet and my health would come good).


I became AWARE of this program.


I realised how deep it ran.


And then I worked, day and night, trying to figure out how to to reprogram my thoughts, to create a new program, one where I loved myself and relied on only myself for approval, for love, for acceptance, for peace, for compassion and beyond.


Three years later and I’m still working on it my friend.


But I NEVER stop because I see how incredible the transformation has been, even if I still have challenging days.


So, coming full circle, how can you reprogram your mind and body?



The first step is always awareness.

Are you aware of the harmful or negative thoughts you think and as a result, the feelings you feel?

Like truly aware?

Journaling is a GREAT way to uncover your thoughts and beliefs. They come out of your pen and sit there right on your page for you to see.

I learn a lot about myself through journaling because I can see the words that are harmful to me, that are shrinking my energy field, my heart centre.

These are words like “should, can’t, must, have to, I have no choice, not possible, unfair”, and many more.

I highly recommend you take the time, each morning to journal.

Set a timer for 10 mins and just write, let everything pour out and see what you uncover when you read it back to yourself. Look for those key words.



Once you’ve become aware, you’ve got to 

make a choice to take action, 

commit to changing the program, no matter how long it takes or how hard it is.

This is where a daily meditation and breathwork practice come in.

(if you just rolled your eyes like “come on, as if”, then you’re probably not the right audience for this content. This is not the place for people who aren’t willing to do the work, to put themselves first, to go the extra mile.)

You’ve got to give the nervous system time to recalibrate.

And this is what the breath achieves.

If you’ve been living in a state of stress for years, a one off session won’t change much.

This is also where self love comes in.

You’ve got to love yourself enough to do the work. Every day, even when it’s tough

(why do you think the guy was doing breathwork in the car on the way to the airport?!)

You’ve got to be changing your state every day.

Thinking and feeling differently every single day.




I love affirmations.

Words alone, however, are not enough.

I want you to feel the emotion when you say the affirmation:

“I love you Bianca

(except insert your name 😉)

Say it in the mirror.

I also have a notification on my phone around 3pm every day.

I smile when I see it, I say it aloud if alone or in my head if around others.

I feel a tingle of warmth move through all my cells which tells me that I believe it and feel it.

Some quick tips about affirmations:

* Keep them short and simple.

* Keep them in the present tense.

* Use words that resonate with you.

* Fake it until you make it (seriously, you may not feel it for a while).

* Put them everywhere.

* Find a way to feel them (maybe it’s a memory, how you want to feel in the future, whatever gets you there).



And finally, 

connect and breathe into your heart.

To make this one easy for you, I’m including a Heart-Centred breath practice for you here (see below 👇🏻).

Ok my beautiful friend, if you’ve got this far, you clearly want to change 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 and I know you can do it!


I know that you will have a life full of love for yourself, not just on V day but every day, should that be your choice.


There are so many more tools to reprogram your body and mind but starting with the basics really is key.


If you want to know more, remember that I’m here for you.

I’ve always got a button in every email so that when you are ready, you can schedule a call with me and we can chat about what’s possible for you.


But hey, why wait?!

Why not give yourself the gift of love and schedule a free call now?

(click below 👇🏻)

To your love-filled life ❤️,

P.S. Choose to love yourself, starting today.

P.P.S. Know someone who wants to feel divinely loved? Please tell them about me or forward this post to them and change their life forever.

Thank you x

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