Decisions, decisions, decisions

Decisions, decisions, decisions

Have you ever made a decision based on what someone else thought was right for you?


Did it end up not feeling right and lead you to feel disappointed that you didn’t listen to your heart and go for what you want?


And now you’ve got to deal with the consequences of having or doing that thing that doesn’t quite feel right?


Late last year, I joined a business coaching group.

This was a great decision for me.

It’s a lovely support network that helps me stay on track, be accountable, keep going, and most importantly, it has really taught me a lot about believing in MYSELF, believing in YOUbelieving in WHAT I OFFER and believing in creating incredible things in lifebelieving that the seemingly impossible, is possible.

I love this.


You may have heard the expression 

“You are the sum of the 5 people you spend most of your time with.”

I class my business coaching group as one of these 5.


But one of the best and most simple things that I learnt in my coaching group is something I now apply to my life (enhanced, of course, by the spiritual teachers I’ve learned from and continue to learn from along the way).


It’s a very simple 3-step process for achieving things you want and I’d like to share part of it with you today.


So the first one we’re going to talk about is Decide.

This is the WHAT (you will do).


If you have trouble making decisions in your life, it may be because you think there is a right and a wrong decision to make and you’re afraid you’ll make the wrong one.


This is what has happened in my brain often. I have these thoughts that pop in that try to sabotage my desires.


Does this happen in yours too?


But in reality, you can get too bogged down in making a decision.


In reality, there is no right and no wrong decision. It is just a decision that you make.


Let’s get a little more quantum on this thought, shall we?


Our thoughts are electric. They send a signal out. They have a frequency.

When you want something, you draw it into your life based on your current emotional and vibrational state (this comes from your heart as it is the magnet).


Feeling low vibrationally when you make a decision?

You’ll get back what you put out.


Feeling like it’s the best decision ever?

You’ll likely notice the difference in how it feels when you make the decision and you might even notice the uplifting possibility that presents because of the decision.


What you probably don’t consider when you want something is the quantity of possibilities.

You likely limit yourself based on what you think is possible which is often only a sliver of what is actually possible.


“Reach for the stars” or “Dream Big” is something you may have forgotten about as an adult.


You should always remember that there are an INFINITE amount of possibilities in the quantum field.

Whatever you can think of exists and can be yours if you want it.


In fact, the Universe wants to give you what you want. However, it also honours free will.


As a result, if you make a decision or create something from a low vibrational state,

the quantum field gives you exactly what you asked for.


Your physical body responds too.

According to Deepak Chopra, when you make a decision, your body’s vital signs reflect your vibrational state (heart rate, blood pressure, temperature, level of hormones etc).


Low vibration = less coherence (between heart, brain and body).

High vibration = more coherence.

The more coherent you are, the greater the signal and the greater the possibility.


Decide to date that person who you found when you were feeling unworthy…

How do you think that’s going to go?


Make a decision for your business out of a feeling of lack…

Expect to get more lack.


Buy the sandwich for lunch when you really wanted sushi…

How do you think the sandwich is going to taste and how do you think your body will receive the food?


So the state you create from matters.


Therefore, your decision, I believe, should be based on what your heart tells you is right when you’re in a higher vibrational state.


So when you are there, you listen to your intuition, where you are pulled most strongly and go for it.


And if you’re not there, you can do one of two things:

* change your state in the moment

* wait until you feel like your state has changed

Then feel into the decision and go for it.


The head, of course does come in handy too and should be utilised.

For example, if you’re buying a car, you want to feel into the pull towards the type of car you see yourself driving but then do your homework on the most reliable models, and ask any necessary questions etc.

But listen to that pull and believe that you can make the right decision



We’ve got to stop asking other people:

“What are you doing?” or “What should I do?”


But, in the case where you make a decision NOT from the highest state, remember that there’s something there for you to learn and the next choice can be one from a higher state, believing in what’s possible.


Make a decision. Believe in yourself. Back yourself.


Believe that you’re always going to land on your feet, whatever happens as a result of your decision.


Also, don’t look back. Don’t live in regret. You made your decision. You move forward. You figure out HOW (more about this in next week’s post).

Side note:


If there’s one thing that makes it harder to make a decision, it’s being in fight/flight/freeze mode.

When your body is stressed, you’re being controlled by those hormones and all you want to do is run, fight or hide.


You’re jumpy, you’re snappy, your mind runs a million miles an hour, your head is full.


You don’t sleep well, you don’t work as productively as you could, you likely don’t get as much joy out of the things that should be making you smile and feel warmth in your heart. You don’t stop to appreciate the little things as much. You feel like time is always escaping.


Having a moment to listen to your heart and make a decision that is heart-centred isn’t really possible.


Feeling stressed, however, is a choice.


I know you don’t want to keep choosing to feel that way everyday.


So, it’s time to reach out for a discovery call (click below).


Let’s chat about how I can help you help yourself get off the stress train and starting to embody a life of peace and one where you feel the love in your heart.


Thank you for reading this post today you beautiful soul.


I’m sending you so much love and all the high vibrational decision making!

P.S. For more peace, love and joy in your life, click here and let’s chat about how YOU make that possible for YOU.

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Thank you x

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