SUFY Part 4: DRINK like you LOVE yourself

Today is the day for you to truly show up

for yourself.

DRINK like you LOVE yourself

Let’s keep rolling with the 

“Show up for yourself” series

So tell me friend, do you drink enough water? (Yes, that’s what I meant when I said “drink”!)

It seems like such a basic thing to ask or suggest but things can really change for someone if they go from being dehydrated to hydrated, or even dehydrated to a little bit less dehydrated.

In truth, the human population is chronically dehydrated. It’s something we should all be taking seriously because water is healing magic for the body. I’m not joking even a little, it’s magic for your skin, your bowels, your cells, your blood, your tissues, your joints, your bones, your muscles, your brain, every little part of you!

I sent a recording to my mailing list a while back. It was a meditation practice about gratitude. Before the meditation practice, I discussed the power that thoughts and words have on the structure and quality of water… 

And if you don’t know, our thoughts and words have a PROFOUND impact on the structure and quality of water (super important, read on to learn more). 

The next fun fact is that our human bodies are something like 70% water, maybe more.

And we are also electric beings, we have an electric charge running through us at all times. If you have pain or dysfunction in the body, it is believed that the current is not moving freely in that part of the body and getting the energy to move can release that pain and water (and minerals) play a key role in making this happen.

So we need the waters of our body to be well hydrated, and we need a good amount of electrolytes in order to conduct electricity in our bodies…

…not to forget the importance of good thoughts and words in order to keep things firing well, to keep us energised, to keep our brains focused, our nerves and muscles responding, every single cell doing what it’s meant to be doing.

So how much water should you drink?

Before we go there, I think what’s more important is what you are drinking.

If I’m honest, I really don’t believe that we should drink anything other than water. Not much else serves our bodies. We all know that too much sugar is bad for us (that’s soda and juices) and alcohol isn’t great for us either. Coffee is no bueno for most people because we are stressed AF and this further stresses and dehydrates our bodies, not to mention the toxins in coffee 😔. Caffeinated tea is a similar situation.

Are you only going to drink water though? Probably not (I do love a whiskey from time to time).

So other than drinking water say 95% of the time, I would say then next best options include herbal teas and maybe once in a while, a glass of whatever takes your fancy (but don’t forget to hydrate during and after).

But back to drinking (water) like we LOVE ourselves… 

Quality matters – SO MUCH – when it comes to drinking water.


We are being poisoned through our water and this is proven, it is no secret or conspiracy theory. Plus, the water goes through all those pipes and it messes with the structure of the water damaging the beautiful crystalline structures that form naturally in nature.

So, to be well hydrated, we really do need to put in some thought and effort.

So whilst there is SO MUCH that I could discuss about water and hydration here, I’ll give you a basic breakdown of how I believe you can drink like you LOVE yourself this week.

  • NOTICE how much water you are drinking (awareness first) and then aim to drink 2 litres of good quality water a day. If you want to be more specific, take your body weight (in kgs) and divide it by 30 and that’s how many litres approx. you will need, so a 65kg person needs roughly 2.16 litres.
  • Drink filtered water (not tap). If you can, also learn how to structure your water so your water is made up of beautiful little crystals – our bodies like structured water way better than the chaos that comes out of the taps and once you go filtered and structured, you’ll never go back!
  • Add minerals to your water. Feel a headache coming on? A good sprinkle of some Himalayan pink salt or some trace minerals work wonders.
  • Bless and thank your water. Some people believe that the filtering and structuring is not necessary and that you can simply talk to your water and send it your love and it will transform. There is actually quite a lot of science backing this up too. There are many stories about people transforming even the most disgusting polluted water into clear and clean water through prayer.
  • Speak kind words and think kind thoughts to yourself and to/of others. The waters in your body and theirs will thank you, not to mention the positive vibes you will personally feel by being more loving and kind to yourself and others! Let go of negativity and gossip.
  • Listen to your body. Maybe you’ve already had 2 liters but your body is still thirsty. Or maybe you’re feeling great after 1.5 litres. Your body knows, so listen.
  • Get water in many ways, especially from your food. Fruit and veggies are great sources of water too!

So will you take on this week’s challenge and start drinking like you LOVE yourself?

I encourage you to give it a try and see if you notice an improvement in the way you feel.

Feeling stressed and like you can’t live up to all I’ve suggested?

Chuck perfection out the window!

Do your best, start to learn about your body and how hydrated you are and how it feels when you swap the soda or juice for the water and up how much you drink each day. Notice, feel lucky to have access to water, do what you can do today.

Most importantly, believe that you can do it!

Now, if you’re ready, take a deep breath and say to yourself every day for the next week: 

“Today I am going to drink like I LOVE myself!”

(Write it around your home and put it as an alert on your phone to remind you to say it daily!)


YOU can do this for YOU.

YOU have the choice to take responsibility for yourself.

If YOU don’t like the way something is, the way you feel, only YOU can change it.

Be the one to say no to the drinks that makes YOU feel crappy because no-one is coming to do it for YOU.  


Enjoy drinking like you LOVE yourself

You’ve got this!

(Comment below with any questions, I’m here to help.)



Much love and stay hydrated!

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