“Show up for yourself” (SUFY) series

I love Breathwork, if you’re reading this, you know I do.

I came to Breathwork because I was on my own journey of self discovery and what I found was so incredible that I felt compelled to share it. I was called to do it, I fell in love with it and that was that.

And so, when Breathwork entered my life, in a formal way, so too did my realisation of my desire to share not just the breath practices themselves but also what Breathwork can open up for the individual. 

Every individual who came to a Breathwork session with me, all expressed the desire for more: more peace, more mindfulness, more love, more awareness, more self worth, more connection, greater health and more 😉.

Now whilst Breathwork is a big part of all of this, one’s ability to strengthen their energetic vibration, aka, improve their physical, mental and emotional health is multidimensional, for we are multidimensional beings. What I mean is that we find the answers by many different means and for many, it often starts with what we feel we can control the most: the physical body.

So I decided to create a series that is all about showing up for yourself with love.

Conscious growth and evolution of the soul doesn’t happen by chance. We choose it. We commit to it. We show up every single day, in both gratitude and love.

This rewires the brain to change who we are inside. And these changes literally, energetically change our DNA. We commit to becoming someone different, someone new, that person who shows up for themselves each and every day, rain hail or shine, and with time, a new person is born.

So allow me to share with you this series I called “Show up for yourself”

If you decide to come along for the ride, be aware that this requires commitment. There is no half-assing this process. You have to know what you want and commit to it, visualise it and feel it. Write it down on paper and speak it out into the universe.

So let’s go, it’s time for you to begin to Show up for yourself (with a whole lotta love and gratitude!).

Much love,

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