Manifestation and Stress

Manifestation and Stress

Manifestation and stress do not go together…

Creation and survival cannot happen at the same time.


Let’s talk about what it means to manifest.

Manifesting is the process of creating something we want.

We use the power of our mind and we think and feel something into existence.

You can do this consciously or unconsciously.

This means you actively seek a new reality and make it happen.


Or you do it without being aware that you’re thinking and feeling something and it occurs… but you didn’t realise you were actually creating it because you weren’t tuned into and listening to your thoughts and feelings.

(Which can result in a manifestation you want or one you don’t want.)


So, if you’re trying to manifest something you really want and are having no success, well firstly, I call bullshit on that one.

Humans are creator beings, it’s what we do over and over again.

All day long we are thinking and feeling something into being.

So while you may not be manifesting the thing you SAY you WANT, you sure as heck are manifesting the things in your life.


You are ALWAYS creating your reality.

Read that again. Let that truly sink in.


So if you’re trying to manifest something you really want and are having no success, ask yourself, what are the beliefs you hold about the thing you’re trying to call in?

This can be a tricky task because some beliefs are so subconscious that we don’t even realise that we hold them.


For example, today, many women are of the belief that men and women are equal. In fact, I would say that I am one of these women who wholeheartedly believe that women are equal to men.

That said, it has been shown that if you tell women who are about to take a maths test that they won’t do as well as the men, they often perform worse than the men.

However, tell them nothing and they do as well or better.

The reason we can say this is a subconscious belief is because if they didn’t believe it, they would have said something to the effect of

“Hmm, that’s not the case in my world! Women are most definitely equal in capability”

and they would have still equalled/outperformed the men.


So beliefs are everything, especially when it comes to the creation of your life and, most importantly, your dreams, the things that you want that seem out of reach.


But in order to manifest your dreams, you’ve got to change your beliefs, even the subconscious ones that you don’t know you have.


You’ve also got to learn not to play the victim anymore.


To see life NOT as happening TO you, but happening FOR you.

Shift that perspective and wow, how things can change for you!


But even a step before this, you’ve got to understand more about the state of your nervous system.

Are you constantly (or very regularly) in fight, flight or freeze?

And just a heads up, if you’ve been living this way for most of your life, you may not even realise it because your state of stress may feel “normal” to you.

You may be running on adrenaline all day without even realising.

If you’re one of those people who can’t sit still, always needs to be moving or doing something, it can feel uncomfortable and incredibly unfamiliar to your body when you slow down or stop completely.

You can read a little more about managing stress over HERE.


But if you’re still reading this post (thank you 😊😊❤️❤️), I’m guessing you’re someone who believes in manifestation and the power we hold within?


So let’s talk about 

the hows of manifesting. 

It’s kind of obvious but let’s just make sure we’re all on the same page here:


1) Know what you want

Write it down, declare it out loud, tell a friend.


2) Think about it every day

Allow your mind to be calm, you’ve got to slow your nervous system down. Breathe, meditate & create a vision board or mind movie that you can look at.


3) Create the feeling in your body

Literally sit with eyes closed, imagining what it is you want and FEELING how you would feel if that were your reality right now.

The most important step (and possibly the one I hear people saying is the hardest – of course that’s just a belief 😉)…


4) Let go of all expectations 

about how your dreams are going to come to fruition.

Surrender to the universe knowing that you have put the call out (thought) and the thing you want is being drawn to you (feeling) and just let go of the what and the how and TRUST that it is on its way to you.


5) Feel gratitude for your future life

Don’t make the mistake of waiting until you have it to feel gratitude cause it will take you waaaaay longer.


6) Don’t quit until it is yours

There will be plenty of times where you want to quit or for a second, you maybe even do quit. But stay the course, breathe (deeply and slowly), keep your eye on the prize and keep feeling as if you are in your future life now.


So, know that if you want to manifest something, you can get the ball rolling by doing the above steps every single day.


Trusting that what your heart and soul want is coming to you, sooner than you think…

* epic health, a strong and healthy physical body

* levels of energy beyond anything you could ever imagine

* uplifting moods and stable emotions

 * attracting the love of your life

* getting the job of your dreams

* having loads of money in the bank


Because remember, it’s where you place your attention that matters.


So notice more and more each day what you are focused on.

Do you focus on the injustices happening to you?

Do you use language to suggest that you and your life sucks?

Do you express that you’re always unlucky or that things are unfair?

And do you notice how your body responds when you think and feel in these ways? (Are you ready to kick your adrenalin and cortisol habit?)

And then what you manifest as a result of these thoughts and feelings?


The more awareness, the more power you will have to change.

And remember that I am here to help.

I can help you.


Click the button below when you’re ready to find out how.

We’ll chat and we’ll make a plan to change your life, one day at a time.

If I can do it so can you (and I’m only just beginning)!

Click below 👇🏻

To your dreams becoming your reality. Much love ❤️,

P.S. What you want to manifest is a piece of cake 🍰. Believe it.

P.P.S. Know someone who wants less stress and more manifestation? Please tell them about me or forward this post to them and change their life forever.

Thank you x

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